Welcome to the Desert!!

We hope you have a great time at this Reunion.  It's been nearly five years since we've all been together!

The active tabs in this website so far are:  Details of Events, Information Sheet, Who's Coming, Photo Albums, Sponsors, AO Drinking Song, Donations, Maps-Things to Do, Guest Book, Contact Us, Lost Brothers and Memorials and Form for Checks.

Note that this website has a music option that appears when the Welcome Screen opens.  This option features three songs from groups/entertainers that actually played for parties at the house in the mid 60's--The Turtles, The Grass Roots and Wilson Pickett (was it really him???)  To listen, select Yes when prompted.

Be sure and fill out the Information Sheet so we can update our database with your most current contact information.

Also, check out the three Rush Brochures in the Photo Albums tab.  If any of you have Rush Brochures for other years, contact us and we will try to get them uploaded.

If you would like to leave a greeting or general message for anyone or everyone you can do so on the Guest Book Tab.

Please consider becoming a Sponsor.  Read about it on the Sponsors page.

If you have contact information on anyone in the Lost Brothers tab send it to us.

If you have the name of a deceased Brother you can add it on the Memorial page.

Take care,


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