At our last Reunion, we raised about $7,300 to defray the many costs of the Reunion other than rooms, golf and meals that will be paid by each person attendiing the events.  Obviously, 5 years later, we will need to raise more to cover those same costs today.

We are soliciting your participation as a sponsor.  So far we have raised about 50% of our goal.   

The Sponsors to date are:

Platinum:   $1,000 or more
     Walter Bloomenthal
     Bruce Stern

Gold          $ 500 or more
     Jeff Schoenbaum
     Lee Davis

Silver         $ 250 or more
     Eric Andell
     Howard Hantman
     Steve Soboroff
     Steve Fishbein
     Bill Viner
     Al Dover
     Don Bachrach
     Elliot Siegel
     Tom Landy

Bronze       $ 100 or more
     Gary Weiss
      Al Stein 

     Ron Cohen
     Mike Krause

We intend to post the names of those giving in the various categories unless anyone wants to remain anonymous in which case we will respect that choice.
To Donate:

By sending a check we will save the credit card and website processing charges:
Make your check payable to:     ZBT Arizona Reunion
Send to:     Bill Viner
                 P.O. Box 30128
                 Tucson, Arizona 85751

If you would prefer to charge your donation to your Visa or Mastercard, Go to the Donations tab to make your donation.
Thanks so much for your support.